Weld Quality Control

Welding Quality Control mode measures the progression and maximum keyhole depth achieved in your laser welds. Results including PASS / FAIL are displayed and analog or digital feedback signals can be sent to the control system.

This mode is particularly useful for production lines where the weld penetration must be guaranteed in all parts before they move on to the next stage of production, or to the customer. When a weld fails, the defective part can be caught and rejected or reworked immediately, rather than failing in testing at a later date.

Weld Quality Control

Your welding engineers can specify multiple criteria for determining what constitutes a failed weld. Minimum and maximum weld depths, and the tolerances on excursions outside that range, are easily configurable.

Laser Depth Application

LDD instruments can communicate with your existing PLCs for fully automated imaging and image analysis, resulting in a simple PASS/FAIL signal to tell the PLC whether to keep or discard the part.


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Application Notes

If your application calls for immediate, automated quality control decisions for laser weld depth, please fill out the following form for immediate access to our Weld QC Application Notes.